Topics for global citizenship and governance

Gm everybody. (I have just found this project via PoH community and it looks super interesting!)

I was always thinking the humankind can change dramatically in the future and some of old structures of our society could be redefined by digital world a lot. We, as the humans, keep evolving over time and although there is still a huge space for an improvement (for example in terms of cooperation on a global level), I am optimistic that one day we can reach some interesting results and create a real global village, which will serve well to majority of the citizens of this planet (if not to all).

This HUD seems to be next step of this journey and I am super curious where this can possibly lead us. For sure in this early stage it will attract mostly just the crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, however with better tools (and better education of the people) that can change in the future as well…

But well, all being said so far is quite general :slight_smile: Therefore I would like to open the discussion about exact topics and issues where this new structure of cooperation and decision making can be actually helpful. I already have some glimmers in my mind, but my imagination is not infinite. So in case you have some ideas, which problems could this “global decentralized governance” possibly solve, feel free to share… :wink:

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Hi korinek. Thanks for your post!

I am super curious where this can possibly lead us.

So am I! :slight_smile:

I already have some glimmers in my mind, but my imagination is not infinite.

Neither is mine :smile:, that’s why we created HUD, so smarter people can join us with better ideas. We saw the need of a human syndication tool for people to bring their ideas and progressively shape the new world governance. Such tool needs to be decentralized to avoid censorship and manipulation. Also, it needs economic incentives to keep its users engaged. That’s how we came up with HUD.

Besides, reality is too complex, I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all solution for the whole humanity. Instead, I think every individual should be free to find its place (or its DAO) in the world and, if there isn’t such place, be able to create it. That’s what we mean by “a free market of governance systems” in our vision statement on the website.

But please feel free to share your “glimmers”. From my side, since I don’t have the answers, I would just share one question I am particularly interested: the HUD token is governed by the DAO, meaning that transactions can be reverted, funds locked or seized, if the DAO democratically dictates so. In a hypothetical scenario in which HUD-like DAOs account for a substantial percentage of the human population and thus money supply, how would institutional corruption be impacted? What about wars?