NFW Roadmap Proposal

Hi everyone :wave:!

We just released a roadmap to start speeding up the project. You can read it here:

Among many other, one of the things we propose is a way to organize the DAO through the use of a special type of NFT (we call it emblems) so that the HUD community can democratically assign roles to citizens and create task forces. The DAO may decide what roles are needed and who among the citizens fill them, based on whatever criteria the DAO considers appropriate, not necesseraly economic-based ones (such as the current tokencracies) nor self-imposed ones through an algorithm. These criteria could be, for example, reputation, trustworthiness, merit, professionalism and commitment to the DAO’s goal.

What do you people think? Looking forward to your comments and ideas.

By the way, if we move forward with this, I would like to submit my candidacy to join the Devs guild (as the person who wrote the code of the whole thing, I think it makes sense :laughing: ) and the 4 Projects (Genesis Tokens, Emmental, Identity Registry and Staking).