Looking to expanding the team

Hi all! We are looking for freedom-hungry talented individuals who want to join us. I leave here the role description:

We are the New Free World team (https://new-free-world.org/). We are the first delegate of Humanity Unchained DAO (https://humanityunchained.org), a Democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DDAO) running a semi-direct democracy in the blockchain. Our goal is to transform the current monopolistic global governance system into a world where humans can freely and peacefully choose their governance system through a free market of DAOs. We call this world the New Free World (NFW). This is how we plan to build it: https://medium.com/@newfreeworld/list/a-new-free-world-a-plan-proposal-to-humanity-unchained-dao-31c55749c002.

The first step is to build a community of thousands of humans who want to build the New Free World together. We are looking for a hero or heroine whose mission will be to help building such community.

The role responsibilities are:

  • Management of communities across Telegram, Twitter, Discourse and others.
  • Develop the social media strategy to leverage across the community.
  • Set up social media platforms and channels where needed.
  • Administration of and moderation across the various social media channels.
  • Produce content (graphics, videos, etc.) and share it with the community across the social media channels.
  • Manage support requests from users.
  • Report on community sentiment and engagement.

The scope of responsibilities could be expanded to:

  • Promote airdrops and bounty programs.
  • Attend events, such as community calls and conferences, on behalf of the DAO.
  • Host a periodic community call.
  • Create a periodic publication (e.g. Medium) highlighting the latest updates in the HUD ecosystem.
  • Build relationships with other community managers and organizations for cross-promotions.

We offer:

  • Joining a unique first-time-ever community at the forefront of crypto and web3 technologies.
  • Meeing a passionate and devoted team .
  • Fully remote. Flexible schedule.
  • Competitive salary. Paid in any crypto you prefer.

If interested please contact the Telegram user @pm12021mp indicating 3 time slots for a 15min call and send your CV and/or LinkedIn address to newfreeworld@tutanota.com.

The URI to our roadmap is no longer available in the link above. It is now available here: https://github.com/hhh01398/NewFreeWorld